Decor & Lighting

We understand the desire for a one stop service. This is how we got into adding decor into our line of service about twelve years ago. What started as just providing background lighting has evolved into providing a professional line of lighting solutions.

Paper lanterns are a fairly recent trend and are a look that has some staying power. We did our first lantern installation about eight years ago and it is still a great look today.

Less formal but elegant is how I would describe swags of fabric. Swags are a more casual look than a liner but still give the an intimate feel by lowering the ceiling. As the sun sets and the complimentary lighting starts to take effect the look evolves into a whole different space.

Lighting Effects

We carry low power consumption LED lights that can run static or with an intelligent controller for more effects. Effects can be as simple as a pattern wash on the ceiling of a tent, to focused pin spots on every table with crystal chandeliers and architectural accents.

Paper Lanterns

With the right combination of style and sizes, lanterns are a great ceiling treatment and lighting solution all in one. Combined with fabric it is a pretty perfect match. The fabric diffuses the wiring of the lantern installation and really makes a great combination.

Fabric Swags

If your event will be primarily during the day or even day into evening, swags of fabric are a great choice. Since lighting alone is best when fully dark outside, the fabric gives you a decorative element all day.

Pleated Tent Liners

They transform a casual, informal tent into a polished, formal event space. Although they are nice in any tent making the space more intimate, they are especially nice in a frame or clear span tent covering the interior frame work.